Words With Friends for BlackBerry

I had a dilemma.  I love Words With Friends, but I own a BlackBerry through my work.  I wanted  game in the same genre as Words With Friends, but the options on the BlackBerry were pretty terrible.

Being a developer, I decided to step up to the challenge.  Since I’m a little bit of a redneck (come by it honest), I decided to go with a barnyard theme (why not!).

And thus, Fightin’ Words was born.  Fightin’ Words is game in the Scrabble genre that allows players to play head to head against each other.  Email and push notifications update you when the other player has played.

So what’s different about it?  Is it better than Words With Friends?  Well, the second question is pointless because Words With Friends does not exist on the BlackBerry!  That’s why we decided to build the game.

However, there are some major differences.  Our game board has a different layout than others in this genre and instead of having a blank tile, we have a POW tile that can act as any letter and can also replace a letter on the board.

The game controls are built specifically for the Blackberry and we believe they are better than the competing products.  So if you are looking for a game on the BlackBerry, give it a try!